Please submit your commission idea after reading the TERMS OF SERVICE below!

I have the right to deny any commission for any reason. Please don't take it personally if your idea is rejected. I'm very picky about what I spend my time drawing; if I don't find your idea appealing, it's not because your idea is boring or low-quality.

  • Things I WILL draw:


    Furry/monster characters

    Quad/feral characters

    D&D characters

    Explicit content

    Certain fetishes

    Trans characters

    Specific character/gender headcanons

    Fictional characters played by real people

  • Things I WON'T draw:

    Minors/underage characters

    Hateful symbols/imagery


    Drawing styles of other media (MLP, Sonic, etc)

    Real people (band members, actors, celebrities etc)



    Toony/chibi/exaggerated cutesy proportions

  • Fetishes & kinks encouraged:


    Size difference


    Unique monster/alien genitalia



    Hard & soft vore, object vore


    Liquid inflation

    Weight gain



By commissioning me, you agree that I reserve the rights to the artwork and may choose to sell copies of your commission in my store for profit, once you have received your physical copy (if applicable). I DO NOT OFFER EXCLUSIVITY RIGHTS IN ANY OF MY COMMISSIONS. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not commission me.

This means if you commission me for a dakimakura, I may sell copies of it in my store indefinitely, even if it features your original character. The same goes for any commissioned art I decide to make into prints. For an additional fee, I could make slight alterations to your character to sell if that would make you more comfortable, but you MUST request this when asking for a quote.


1.  Payment is required before ANY work is done. I will accept a payment plan on larger pieces like custom dakis, but I won’t put any more work into your piece than what has been paid for. It will not be finished until it is paid in full.

2. REFUNDS: I will not move on to lineart/coloring until the sketch has been approved by you. Full refunds will not be allowed once the sketch is approved unless I decline or am unable to complete your commission. NO refunds are given once the artwork is completed. Partial refunds can be negotiated if you have to back out during the creation process.

3. I reserve the right to charge extra if you ask me to make too many changes.

4. I reserve the right to charge extra if the character is too complex.

5. Payment can be sent via PayPal invoices or custom listings set up here on my store or on my Etsy.


Once payment has been received, I'll begin work on your commission. I always start with a rough sketch which will be sent to you for approval. Once it's approved, I begin coloring and update you at various points in the process. If your commission is something small like a portrait, chances are you won't get any updates in between the initial sketch and the completed piece.

Here are things I need from you to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

1. When describing what you want, try to be as legible as possible: grammatically correct, minimal spelling issues, etc. I’m usually not a stickler for this kind of thing over the internet, but I want to make sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for so we don’t waste each other’s time (or your money).

2. If you're asking me to draw a fursona or original character, please provide a reference. I can only work with written descriptions if the design is really simple, or if you're okay with me taking creative liberties with the character.

3. I’m pretty tolerant on making big changes if you don't like the initial sketch. After the sketch is approved I can make small adjustments if you desire, but I won't change the entire set-up of the drawing. Once you approve the sketch, the composition of your art is locked in. Adjustments to color are pretty easy to make after completion if that’s something you require.

4. I'll keep you updated on how your piece is coming. If you want to know where your piece is at any given time you're free to ask, but keep in mind if I haven’t sent you anything, there probably haven’t been any noteworthy changes.

5. DO NOT ask me to make big changes to pose, expression, background, etc once coloring has begun. If you don't like where your commission is going we can negotiate a partial refund.

Please submit your commission idea below and I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as I'm able!