Raigr Fursuit 2.0

Raigr is an original dragon-like creature of my own making, designed to represent me in the furry community. This fursuit is my second version of her. The bodysuit is skintight and sewn from various faux furs while the head is built off of an EVA foam base with upholstery foam to shape, LEDs wired into the eyes and mouth, and a massive mane of kanekalon hair wefted onto the back. This costume features a concealed neck pocket for carrying essentials, a zip-on tail for easy packing and washing, a six-foot-long tail, and various adjustable facial features such as magnetic eyebrows and lids and a lip snarl.

Beetle the Bearded Vulture

Beetle is my most recent costume, a character I designed and made for Renaissance Faire and other non-furry events. She's based on a bearded vulture and wears various bones and wooden beads, as well as a couple of saddle bags for carrying personal items and distributing trinkets. She features an articulated jaw, following eyes, and an internal fan to keep the head cool and ventilated. Like Raigr, she's made mostly of sewn fur, and her head is built on an EVA foam base.

Raigr Fursuit 1.0

This is the first rendition of my original character, Raigr. I designed this version in a more realistic style. This version features magnetic eyebrows, an articulated jaw, LED in the eyes and mouth, and a ventilating fan in the nose to keep the head cool. This head was also made on a base of EVA and upholstery foam.

Kass Fursuit

This was a cosplay/fursuit I made of the character Kass from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A file folder organizer was gutted and used for the center of the accordion with a speaker inside playing his theme, so I could move it like I was actually playing. The costume was a little difficult to get on and off, but overall lightweight and breathable; I walked around in it outside at a summertime convention for hours. He was a huge hit and got a lot of pictures, and was later sold to a buyer in California.

Polar Bear Partial Fursuit

This was my very first fursuit! I wanted to get familiar with working with foam and fur before I tackled a project as complex as Raigr. This charming little polar bear features an articulated jaw, partial sleeves and paws, and following eyes. She was sold to a furry in the UK a couple years after creation.

Foxy the Pirate Costume

Though not technically a fursuit, Foxy from the game Five Nights at Freddy's was my first foray into fursuit building techniques. Inspired by Fnafbot on Tumblr, I made the base out of foamcore board and built up the shape with upholstery foam. Features included glowing eyes, a hinged articulated jaw, mouth vision, and an inner mechanism that caused the eyepatch to flip up when the jaw opened wide. Foxy was made in 2015 and was very popular at conventions. He got a lot of photos, made it onto a cosplay video, and even got to meet Markiplier. He was sold to a friend in Texas a couple years later.

Springtrap Costume

I designed and fitted this costume of Springtrap from the game Five Nights at Freddy's to be worn by a friend when we went to see Markiplier back in 2016. He was built with similar techniques and materials as Foxy, but required a lot more detailing and texturing. His features include glowing eyes and an articulated jaw and was well ventilated. He was signed by Markiplier at Indy Pop Con 2016 and later sold.